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Entrepreneur on Campus Podcast Featuring Savology

Matthew Brown hosts the Entrepreneur on Campus Podcast. He invited the founder and CEO of Savology, Spencer Barclay, to the podcast to discuss his journey in entrepreneurship and the founding of Savology.

How We Manage Our Finances

My relationship with money has changed substantially over the last several years, as I’m sure it has for many other people. It takes a few years after a major life event to

My Core Financial Principles That I Live By

While I have generally been a wise financial steward, I am not perfect when it comes to managing finances and my approach has certainly improved and evolved over the years.  Here are

A Secret to Saving for Retirement

The summer before last, I attended a reunion of a group of friends from our high school days. There were 13 of us, plus spouses. We came back “home” from all parts