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Savology Pricing: Free financial planning in just 5 minutes

Financial planning made for everyone. For free.

The best financial planning platform also has the best price: It’s FREE. In just 5 minutes, you can build a free financial plan and get access to personalized recommendations to improve your financial well-being immediately.

What you get for free

Comprehensive Financial Plan

Realize your financial goals and retirement outlook

Holistic Report Card

Understand your financial strengths and weaknesses

Personalized Action Items

Know exactly what you need to do next to improve

Tailored Provider Recommendations

Save time and money using quality providers

Gamified Platform

Improve faster with ongoing platform incentives

Customized Financial Education

Increase your financial literacy and understanding

Savology makes money by connecting you with industry leading providers, just like some of your other favorite financial tools.

Savology financial planning made easy and free just like Mint and Credit Karma

Why is Savology doing this?


Savology is on a mission to improve the finances of millions of American households.


Making financial planning free is the best way to reach millions and make an impact.


Affiliate relationships with quality providers make it possible for your plan to be free.

Financial planning has never been this affordable.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Savology really has a free version. With Savology Starter, you get a free financial plan, free report card, free action items, and more!

For those who want more features than the free version alone offers, Savology also offers premium memberships. 

Savology is on a mission to improve the financial well-being of millions of American households. It would be difficult to impact that many households by charging thousands of dollars per plan the way that other traditional financial planners do.

Instead, Savology is providing more accesible and affordable financial planning so that as many people can use it as possible.

Some of the services or providers that are recommended within Savology are free to use as well, but some are not. Savology makes tailored recommendations, connecting you to the best providers to help you manage your finances and to complete your action items. You can choose to use the providers or ignore them based on the value that they provide to you. You have no obligation to use any free or paid services, but you do support future development and distribution when you do.

No. Your personalized action items are generated completely independently of any associated providers and are only in your interest to help you improve. Many action items have no associated provider recommendations at all. Provider recommendations are, however, included whenever possible with the primary purpose of helping you improve your finances more efficiently and effectively.

Compensation to Savology is not a prerequisite or qualifier for providers to be included in the platform. Providers cannot pay to be included on the platform, pay to improve their ratings, or otherwise influence recommendations. Instead, Savology works to find the best providers available and chooses to add them to the platform for the benefit of all users.

You get a lot of value from your free account, but the  Savology Starter account does not entitle you to the provider services or premium features for free. In many cases, we can help you get a better deal and save time in finding the best providers for your current financial situation.

The free version does not include the premium features offered in Savology Plus. To work with a financial coach or to connect your accounts, you would need to upgrade.

Finally, some features on the Savology platform are initially locked, such as grade descriptions and additional action items. These can be unlocked using Savology Stars, which are earned by sharing the platform with friends, completing current action items, logging in weekly to update and track your progress, and more.