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Better financial wellness for better outcomes 

Whether you’re looking to build foundational financial plans for clients or to provide meaningful financial wellness benefits to employees, Savology can help!

Savology Financial Wellness and Foundational Financial Planning
Savology Featured On Press Banner Updated
Savology Featured On Mobile Press Banner Updated

Foundational financial planning for those that need it most

Financial planning leads to financial wellness. Here’s what Savology can do for those who use it:

Save more money

Save more

Households with financial plans are 2.5x more likely to save enough for retirement. ​

Feel better about your money

Feel better

83% of individuals with financial plans feel better about their finances after just one year.

Reach your financial goals

Reach goals

Households with financial plans set and reach meaningful goals and milestones.

Better relationships

Better relationships

Individuals with a financial plan have a better relationship with themselves and others.

Improved decisions

Improve decisions

Households with financial plans make better financial decisions with confidence.

Increased productivity

Increase productivity

Individuals with financial plans are more productive while at work.

Financial planning meets financial wellness

The Savology platform combines financial products, tools, and resources to help people plan for the future, understand retirement needs, develop financial literacy, and reach financial goals.

User-led financial planning

Foundational plans include a financial report card and personalized action items that prescribe next steps to improve financial wellness.

Financial literacy and education

Engaging literacy lessons, quizzes, articles, and resources to help households advance their financial knowledge and wellbeing.

Personal financial management tools

Accessible tools to monitor credit scores, create budgets or debt payoff plans, track net worth, set goals, and more.

Support from financial professionals

Savology makes it easy to collaborate with financial advisors, planners, or coaches directly within the platform.

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Trusted by 100,000+ households 

We’re proud to have helped more than 100,000 households build a financial plan as we partner with financial professionals and employers.

Trusted by 100,000+ households 

We’re proud to have helped more than 100,000 households build a financial plan as we partner with financial professionals and employers.


Who should use Savology? 


Savology for Advisors

Looking for a scalable financial planning or financial wellness platform for your prospects, clients, or retirement plans? Discover how Savology can help you access and succeed with the middle market.

Savology for Advisors

Looking for financial wellness or planning technology to set you apart with prospects, clients, or retirees? Savology can help!

Savology for Employers

Are you an employer interested in offering Savology as a financial wellness benefit for your employees?

Savology for Individuals

Take control of your financial future with digital financial planning. It's easy, fast, and personalized.

Distribution Partners

We love working with benefits brokers, HR software providers, and more. Let's get creative together!

Better financial wellness for better outcomes

Interested in building a financial plan for yourself? Start now.