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Next level financial wellness and planning technology

Provide game-changing financial wellness to employers, retirement plans, clients, and prospects with a scalable planning platform designed to reach new markets.

financial Coaching
Accelerate your practice with digital planning technology.
financial Coaching
Reach and service new market segments.
financial Coaching
Offer financial wellness services to employers.
financial Coaching
Streamline the onboarding and servicing of new clients.
financial Coaching
Deliver more value in less time.
financial Coaching
Provide subscription-based planning or coaching services.
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Gain valuable financial information from users.
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Effectively engage with and empower clients.
financial Coaching
Make a meaningful difference.

Simple and scalable financial planning for the middle market

Equip your firm with the right technology to deliver the experience your clients deserve.

Financial planning process

Custom plans and report cards

Give your clients a personal financial plan and report card that gives them insight and direction into their financial future.

Personalized recommendations and next steps

Personalized recommendations

Your clients will receive prescribed next steps and personalized recommendations to make significant financial improvements.

Increased productivity

Digital onboarding

Easily onboard new clients in minutes with a financial survey that collects important data and information used to build accurate plans.

Financial Literacy Quiz and Interactive Financial Tools

Literacy tools and resources

Empower clients to improve their financial literacy by equipping them with effective tools such as quizzes, calculators, and surveys.

Connect account

Connected accounts

By connecting checking, savings, credit accounts, and more, both you and your clients will get access to real-time, accurate information.

Better relationships

Financial wellness for employers

Win new business or enter new markets by providing financial wellness services through the Savology platform to employers of all shapes and sizes.

A modern financial wellness platform

Savology works with financial advisors and planners to provide a financial wellness solution that can make a difference in more lives. With Savology, advisors and planners get the following:

Automated financial plans

Savology streamlines the data collection process and creates a personalized financial plan for your clients in minutes.

Ongoing education and wellness

We help you provide scalable value to your clients through financial literacy content, plan-enhancing modules, gamification, and more.

Easy access to client reporting

Drill in to see how your client base is doing and make smarter prospecting decisions to grow your business.

Feature your services

Our fully co-branded platform promotes your advisory services and products so you are always top of mind for your clients.

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Partnering with Savology towards closing the wealth gap was the least difficult business decision I’ve ever made.

 Tyrone French, Founder & CEO – Tyrone French® & Associates, Inc.

Affordable packages to help you grow and scale. 

Advisor Standard

$ 70-100

per advisor based on license quantity
  • Annual Subscription, Paid Monthly

Advisor Advanced

$ 100-150

per advisor based on license quantity
  • Annual Subscription, Paid Monthly

Ready to reach more clients? 

If you are interested in learning more about how Savology can help you grow your business and help your clients, fill out the form here and someone from our team will be in touch to set up a demo.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Savology’s platform gives employers a way to provide their employees with a digital financial wellness and planning technology that effectively helps every-day American workers improve their financial wellbeing.

Financial wellness refers to an individual’s overall financial health, which for us means managing financial-related stress and having control financial situations in the short term and long term.

Financial wellness as a benefit refers to an employer providing programs and resources to employees to help them improve their overall financial security.

Savology is for employers looking to make a positive difference and impact to their employees’ financial lives. The reality is that financial-related stress affects every aspect of life, but is especially harmful to work satisfaction and performance. Savology’s tailored solution can help reduce employee financial stress and improve overall productivity.

Savology focuses on holistic financial planning for financial wellness, not just literacy or investment management. Savology combines financial literacy, actionable recommendations, and ongoing professional support in manner that is accessible and personalized to each one of your employees. In just minutes, employees get a financial plan, holistic report card, personalized action items, financial planning modules, and much more.

Most employers are able to provide their employees with our customized financial wellness platform in 2 weeks or less. Our onboarding process requires very little effort upfront – you provide some basic company and employee data, work with our Success team to determine a game plan for rollout and communications, and then leave it up to our team to do the rest and get things started.

We currently offer three different service tiers to accomodate to each employer’s needs, budgets, and employee financial situations. Our plans give you the flexibility to select the feature set and level of additional support that best fits those needs.

If you are interested in learning more about how Savology can help your employees improve their financial wellness, you can submit a request above and someone from our team will be in touch shortly to set up a call.