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Empower your people to reach their goals.

Empower your people to 
reach their goals.
improve their finances.
feel more confident.

Traditional benefits do not adequately address the financial challenges that your employees face. Savology provides personalized financial planning,  coaching, and education that actually makes a difference.

Financial Wellness for Employers
Partners - Savology for Employers
financial Coaching
90% of employees wish their employer provided financial planning benefits.
financial Coaching
75% of employees consider new jobs that offer them free financial advice.
financial Coaching
52% of employees reported experiencing financial stress while at work.

Financial wellness is a win-win for your business.

Through our employer program, you and your employees will realize the following key benefits:

increase productivity

Increase productivity

Finances are distracting your employees, leading to less productivity and greater stress. Savology can make a real difference.

Improve relationships

Bolster recruiting 

Providing financial wellness shows you care about your people. 75% of people would consider a job change for these benefits.


Improve retention

Financially stressed employees are more likely to look for new jobs. Financial wellness can increase workplace engagement by 15%.

Savology providers

Enhance benefit adoption

Savology incorporates your other benefits so your employees can take full advantage of all that you have to offer.


Reduce absenteeism

The average employee misses 3-4 more work days per year when they are financially stressed.

Decrease Financial Stress

Decrease financial stress

More than 80% of people report feeling better about their finances after just one year of financial planning and coaching.

A modern financial wellness benefit.

Savology works with employers to provide a financial wellness benefit that actually makes a difference in their employees’ lives. With Savology, employees and employers get access to the following:

Holistic financial plan and report card

Provide employees with a personal financial plan and report card that gives insight and direction into their financial future.

Live financial coaches

Received individualized support through live chat or personalized coaching through 1-on-1 calls with our in-house financial coaches.

Literacy courses and tools

Help employees improve their financial literacy with engaging lessons and other effective tools like quizzes and calculators.

Aggregate employee metrics

You will get access to aggregate data and reporting to help you optimize benefits, target your efforts, track progress, and much more. 

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Alex Bean
Alex Bean

Financial wellness made easy.

Financial wellness couldn’t be any easier than it is with Savology. We’re proud to partner with them and provide our employees with tools and resources that can change their lives.

Financial wellness made easy.

“Financial wellness couldn’t be any easier than it is with Savology. We’re proud to partner with them and provide our employees with tools and resources that can change their lives.”

Alex Bean, Co-founder & CBO

Financial wellness solutions to meet your needs

Savology Pro is our most popular offering. Our consultants can help you explore alternatives or create a custom solution. The pricing below represents typical pricing ranges for companies with less than 1,000 employees. Your pricing may vary depending on company size and terms.

Savology Pro

FULL-FEATURED COACHING $5-10 per employee per month
  • For forward-thinking organizations who want to make a greater difference with live financial coaching and planning.



Let’s chat about financial wellness!

If you are interested in learning more about how Savology can help your employees improve their financial wellness, fill out the form here and someone from our team will be in touch to set up a demo.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Savology’s platform gives employers a way to provide their employees with a digital financial wellness and planning technology that effectively helps everyday American workers improve their financial well-being.

Financial wellness refers to an individual’s overall financial health, which for us, means managing financial-related stress and having control over financial situations in the short—and long—term.

Financial wellness as a benefit refers to an employer providing programs and resources like financial planning, financial coaching, and financial literacy to employees to help improve their overall financial security.

Savology is for employers looking to make a positive impact on their employees’ financial lives. The reality is that financial-related stress affects every aspect of life, but can be especially harmful to work satisfaction and performance. Savology’s tailored solution helps reduce employee financial stress and improve overall productivity.

Savology focuses on holistic financial planning for financial wellness, not just literacy, budgeting, or investment management. Savology combines financial literacy, actionable recommendations, and ongoing financial coaching in a manner that is accessible and personalized to each employee. In just minutes, employees get a financial plan, holistic report card, personalized action items, financial planning modules, and much more and then continue to improve as they engage with our coaches.

Most employers are able to provide their employees with our customized financial wellness platform in two weeks or less. Our onboarding process requires very little upfront effort. You simply provide basic company and employee data, and then work with our success team to determine a game plan for rollout and communications, and we’ll handle the rest of the setup.

We currently offer a couple of different service tiers to accommodate to each employer’s needs, budgets, and employee financial situations. Our plans give you the flexibility to select the feature set and level of additional support that best fits those needs starting at just a few dollars per employee per month.

If you are interested in learning more about how Savology can help your employees improve their financial wellness, submit your information above and someone from our team will be in touch shortly to set up a call.

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This PDF includes information about onboarding and enrollment, key features, and a plan and price breakdown.