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Empower Your Employees To 
Reach Their Goals.
Improve Their Finances.
Feel More Confident.

Traditional benefits do not adequately address the financial challenges that your employees face. Savology provides personalized financial planning, tools, and education that actually makes a difference.

Savology for Employers - providing financial planning and wellness benefits for employees
90% of employees wish their employer provided financial planning benefits.
75% of employees consider new jobs that offer them free financial advice.
52% of employees reported experiencing financial stress while at work.

The only financial wellness and planning platform your employees need.

By joining our employer program, you’ll be able to provide your employees with the following:

Financial planning process

Financial plan and report card

Provide employees a personal financial plan and report card that gives insight and direction into their financial future.

Custom planning activities with Savology

Custom employer activities

Provide custom employer-related activities that integrate additional employee benefits into the overall planning process.

Personalized recommendations

Employees are prescribed next steps and personalized recommendations to make significant financial improvements.

Financial comparisons and benchmarks

Comparisons and benchmarks

Employees can compare their financial standing to their peers and gain access to nationwide benchmarks.

Talk with a financial professional with Savology

Live financial professionals

Receive individualized support through live chat or 1-on-1 calls with real financial professionals ready to make a difference.

Financial Literacy Quiz and Interactive Financial Tools

Literacy resources and tools

Help employees improve their financial literacy with effective tools such as quizzes, calculators, and surveys.

Give your employees what they want and need to be financially secure. 

Reach your financial goals with Savology

Set and reach goals

Your employees will be able to make important and personal financial decisions with confidence. By knowing exactly what they need to be doing next, your employees will be well on their way to reaching their financial goals.

Financial planning in 5 minutes

Track financial progress

Employees can measure their financial progress with access to a holistic report card that grades their financial life across 10+ categories. They’ll also be able to compare their financial progress to their peers and use national benchmarks to see how well they are doing in specific areas of their plan.

Improve your financial wellness with Savology
Financial planning in 5 minutes
Reach your financial goals and track your progress with Savology

Improve financial wellness

Employees will be able to use ongoing financial planning and financial literacy resources. This combination reduces stress, decreases turnover, and improves financial wellness over time.

Affordable for you. Free for your employees. 

Financial planning has never been this affordable. Explore our different pricing tiers below:

  • Free financial plans for all employees
  • Ongoing financial education
  • Communication materials provided
  • Employer Admin portal access
  • Employee aggregate statistics and data
  • No set up fee if sent to all employees
  • Co-branded landing page
  • Includes all Savology Free features
  • Basic platform customizations
  • Limited user access to chat
  • Add employers benefits and resources
  • Full report card unlock
  • Ongoing employee notification options
  • No set up fee if milestones are met
  • Remove some affiliate links
  • $3/month per user
  • Includes all Savology Plus features
  • Schedule calls with a financial planner
  • Onboarding chat support available
  • Customize activities for employers
  • Free guardianship nominations
  • Live personal finance webinars
  • Advanced unlocks for all employees
  • Add provider recommendations
  • No set up fee if milestones are met
  • Remove all affiliate links
  • $10/month per user

Ready to help your employees? 

If you are interested in learning more about how Savology can help your employees improve their financial wellness, fill out the form here and someone from our team will be in touch to set up a demo.