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Improve financial literacy. Enhance outcomes. 

A lack of financial education often leads to increased distress and decreased financial stability. Savology incorporates financial literacy in order to increase financial responsibility and decision-making.
Savology Financial Literacy
Only 24 percent of millennials understand basic financial topics.
About 4 in 7 Americans are financially illiterate and report being unable to mange their finances.
Minority groups, on average, have between 9 and 16 percent lower financial literacy scores.

The benefits of financial literacy

Financial literacy enhances your financial planning experience. Here’s what financial literacy can do for you:

Improved outcomes

As you develop your financial literacy, you’re more likely to set and reach your financial goals, often leading to less debt and more savings.

Feel better with Savology

Better decision-making

When you are better informed, you can mitigate financial crises and better handle them if they arise.

Decrease Financial Stress

Reduced stress

With the decreased burden of financial worry, you can experience greater focus and productivity in your daily life.

Multifaceted approach to improve financial literacy

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Literacy courses

We provide lessons on a variety of beginner and advanced topics including budgeting, credit, insurance, HSAs, and more.

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Live webinars

Each month we host live webinars with financial professionals and discuss important financial subjects.

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Provider reviews

A frequent question we get is which financial providers are best. We unbiasedly review and recommend the best platforms to make it easy.

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Financial coaches

You can meet with a financial coach to help you work through your financial plan and answer general or specific financial questions.

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Expert guides

We create expert guides on a variety of money topics to educate and provide recommendations to improve your financial standing.

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Planning modules

Whether you need help planning your budget, paying off debt, or something else, Savology planning modules help you take action.

Our approach to financial literacy lessons

Succinct & retainable education

Our courses are broken down into bite-sized pieces so they’re easier to retain. Each lesson is 10 minutes in length on average.

Personal progress tracking

Take the literacy pre-assessment to receive recommendations for which courses and resources you should review. As you move forward, you’ll see your corresponding literacy grade improve.

Financial plan integration

Savology pulls in your plan information during certain lesson components so you can check in and relate different lesson topics to your own personal financial situation.

Multimedia learning

Our courses utilize quick reads, videos, opinions polls, short quizzes, etc. We also offer monthly webinars, expert guides, and personalized financial coaching.

Better financial wellness for better outcomes

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

All of our literacy content is prepared and reviewed by financial professionals including Certified Financial Planners, personal finance professors, and personal finance experts.

We cover a wide range of beginner, intermediate, and advanced topics such as budgeting, net worth, insurance, health savings accounts, retirement planning, taxes, behavioral finance, etc.

To get access to Savology Literacy you need to have a Savology account through your employer or an advisor partner. 

Before taking any courses, watching any webinars, etc. we recommend you take the financial literacy pre-assessment to grade your literacy level in various financial areas. From there you’ll not only receive literacy recommendations but you’ll be able to see your grades improve as you complete courses and take the literacy quizzes.