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Accurately calculate your retirement. For free.

In about five minutes, you can determine your retirement age, retirement income, and what you can do to improve your retirement outlook.

Online Retirement Calculator

Building a plan for retirement has never been easier.

Retirement goals and outlook

Set your retirement goals

Get started by answering a few questions about your current financial situation and your goals, including your desired retirement age and retirement lifestyle. 

Review your current trajectory

Find out whether or not you are on track to reach your retirement goals. We’ll show your estimated retirement age and estimated retirement income based on your current situation.

Current retirement outlook and trajectory with Savology
Proposed retirement outlook and trajectory with Savology

Review your proposed trajectory

Depending on your estimated outcome, we’ll propose a few reasonable adjustments to your goals so that you can have confidence in your ability to retire comfortably.

Our retirement and planning assumptions

Below are a few of the many key assumptions used to accurately calculate your retirement and build your financial plan. Calculation assumptions can be changed and updated through your free account to better reflect your situation.

Retirement investment assets

Assumed at a 6% annual rate of return.

Cash and other investments

Assumed at a 3% annual rate of return.

Inflation rate

Assumed at 2% annually.

Asset growth after retirement

Assumed at a 4% annual rate of return.

Life expectancy

Determined by actuarial life tables.

Social Security

Calculated with formulas from the Social Security Administration.

Retirement calculations and assumptions with Savology

Additional calculations made by Savology

When you sign-up and and create a free financial plan, you will also receive insights into the following areas:

Life insurance needs

Find out exactly how much life insurance you need and whether or not you are over or underinsured.

Debt-to-income ratio

Find out exactly how much of your income is going towards paying off active debts.

Net worth

Find out your net worth by comparing your total liabilities to your total assets.

Emergency fund requirements

Find out how much savings you need to properly protect yourself against unexpected financial emergencies.

Savings rate

Find out your savings rate as a percentage of your monthly household income.

Other insurance needs

Find out what additional types of coverage you need to better protect your finances.

Calculate your retirement age and income in five minutes.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Your projected retirement age depends on numerous factors that include your desired retirement age, the type of lifestyle you expect to live throughout retirement, your current savings rate and retirement assets, and your life expectancy. Savology will calculate when you will be able to retire comfortably and will make recommendations on what you can do to reach your retirement goals.

The amount of money you need to retire depends on numerous factors that include your desired retirement age, your projected lifestyle throughout your retirement years, your life expectancy, and economic inflation. In your free financial plan, Savology calculates how much money you need to retire comfortably and makes recommendations on what you can do to reach your retirement goals.

Savology calculates your retirement income using a retirement income replacement percentage. This calculation is more complicated to perform but it is generally more accurate and understandable because it accounts for your income, investment return, inflation, and social security all in one number.

The rule of thumb is to replace 80% of your current household income to maintain your current lifestyle and a similar standard of living. This is primarily because you will likely be paying less in taxes during your retired years. 

Savology uses a conservative approach when calculating your retirement. This allows us to produce accurate and understandable retirement projections without having you create your own assumptions. 

The calculations begin with a few key assumptions. Some of the key assumptions that we use are: 

  • Retirement Assets: 6% annual rate of return 
  • Other Assets: 3% annual rate of return
  • Inflation: 2% annually
  • Asset Growth After Retirement: 4% annual rate of return 

Your plan allows you to change and update these core assumptions at any point in time to better reflect your own unique situation.

Savology does provide retirement calculations for you similar to other retirement calculators, including projections on your earnings, income, investments, and social security. But, Savology is much more than just a retirement calculator; it is a complete financial planning platform.

Savology takes it even further by providing analysis on what changes you can make to reach your goals or if you need to adjust your retirement goals to be more realistic and attainable. After creating your profile, you will have an account to log into at any time to make updates to your situation and review your plan, report card, and action items. 

The first step is to create your account by completing your personal profile. This is done by filling out the financial survey with your basic information. On average, it takes around 5 minutes for most people to complete. However, this will vary depending on how complex your financial picture is and how on top of your finances you currently are.