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Category: Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Bull vs Bear Market - Knowing the difference - Savology

Bull vs Bear Market: What You Need to Know

The stock market may often look and feel like more of a gamble for new investors than a profitable investment. The market’s constant ups and downs can make anyone overthink whether they’ll

Will vs Trust - Knowing the difference between the two - Savology

Will vs. Trust: Differentiating One from the Other

While it’s likely that most people have heard of the terms will and trust, many don’t know how one differs from the other. Both are legally-binding arrangements designed to help you successfully

Lifestyle creep - how to avoid lifestyle creep with Savology

Lifestyle Creep 101: 8 Ways to Avoid Lifestyle Creep

We’ve either experienced it first-hand for ourselves, or we’ve seen it happen to our close friends. That weekly paycheck? Gone.  That first raise and promotion increasing your income? Spent to celebrate over

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