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Here at Savology, our mission is to help millions of households across the United States improve their financial well-being by providing access to fast and free financial planning.

After helping more than 15,000 households improve their financial well-being, we’d like to think that we’ve made quite some progress on that front. However, we also know that as a fintech startup, we still have a fair amount of work cut out for us.

As you can imagine, we get a lot of finance-related and retirement questions each week from people looking for answers on how to better prepare for their retirement, how to invest wisely, and even questions about which types of insurance are relevant to their current financial picture and goals.

But those aren’t the only types of questions we get.

Every week we also get a lot of questions from people just like yourself wondering what the Savology experience and platform is really like.

While the best way is usually finding out for yourself (which you can do by building your free financial plan in just 5 minutes). We also know that it’s important to hear from real people who have gone through the process of building their plan and have been using Savology to help them manage their own personal finances, especially during these financially challenging times.

So… Rather than us telling you how great the experience is and why we think you should use Savology’s platform when it comes to building your free financial plan, we thought that it would be best coming from other people that are using Savology to manage their finances.  

Here’s what people are saying (via their Google reviews) about their Savology experience:

Nate Evans ★★★★★

“I’ve used various financial tools over the years to track my financial progress but Savology takes the cake. I especially like how it not only identified weaknesses in my financial plan (something most fintech tools don’t do) but also provided reputable companies I could buy life insurance from or set up investing accounts with).”

Lilly Onofre ★★★★★

“This was really helpful! I’m surprised at how easy it was. This is an awesome financial planning software.”

Scott Childs ★★★★★

“I am on a tight budget and have a low income. I do have a retirement plan and it was great to see where I am financially and see all my holes and so I can begin to fix them. Thanks Savology!”

Kayla Spieth ★★★★★

“Savology is awesome! I really like how it tells me my next financial steps to take. Not only does it do that then it educates me on different strategies to do so. It has companies that are good to help me as well. This is a really cool financial plan to help me reach my goals. I love this!!!”

Hannah Spurrier ★★★★★

“Achieving your financial goals can be overwhelming, especially when there are so many factors to consider. Savology makes the process much easier and more enjoyable. The interface is beautiful and you leave with a comprehensive financial plan personalized to your needs — all for free! It makes personal finance actually feel personal.”

Jenacia Pemberton ★★★★★

“I like this ALOT!!! It is so simple, I love how it gives me action items to improve my financial situation! Then it even gives me recommended companies that can best help me to reach my goals and actions items! The report card is pretty cool too!! Awesome user experience! Love it.”

Mary Jones ★★★★★

“I love how easy it is to make your own financial plan! And I feel like it gives advice that is actually applicable to my life. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.”

Tyler Ficiur ★★★★★

“I really liked getting the financial plan. It gave me a clear direction of what I need to do to get my finances back on track. I love how it helps me to reach my future goals.”

Chelsea Kraczek ★★★★★

“I appreciate so much this free financial planning resource. It’s amazing that you can plan out your future so easily and then track your progress towards your goals!”

Lauren Day ★★★★★

“I love how easy it is to use and how straightforward everything is. I am definitely not financially savvy and I get really overwhelmed when thinking about planning for kids, their college, retirement and everything else but Savology does it all! Super grateful I found them and an easy way to start planning for the future.”

Riley Hale ★★★★★

“Quick, easy, and very insightful.  This is a great tool to quickly get an idea of where you stand financially.  I highly recommend it!”

Derrin Hill ★★★★★

“Wise financial planning made easy–and free! I recommended Savology to several friends and they love it. It is a great way to get a handle on the financial big picture along with simple, continuous progress what to do to improve.”

Jenny Raymer ★★★★★

“Love Savology. It’s the most efficient financial planning app I’ve ever used! Their recommendations are tailored specifically to the individual, which makes for a unique financial planning according to one’s circumstances. Highly recommend it!”

Demitri Haddad ★★★★★

“My first impression of the savology app was that it was easy to navigate and very clearly defined future financial goals. I got a tailored financial plan to my current needs based on a couple quick questions. Unlike a lot of other financial applications, you get all of the information from savology immediately.”

Getting started with your finances 

There you have it. Real reviews from real people just like yourself who have been using Savology to help navigate them towards reaching financial security.

Regardless of where you currently are in your financial journey, Savology is here to help by providing free financial planning in just 5 minutes. Your (Savology) financial plan will show you your strengths and the areas of your personal finances where you should focus on making improvements. Not only that, but you’ll also receive personalized action items that map out your next steps and connect you with quality financial providers to help you reach your goals, one step at a time.

Already using Savology but haven’t had a chance to leave us a review yet? Help us further our mission of helping millions of American households reach financial security by sharing your positive Savology experience with the rest of the world here.

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Savology is a financial planning platform providing fast and free financial planning. In just five minutes you can get access to a free, unbiased, personalized financial plan.

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Savology is on a mission to help households across the United States improve their financial well-being and financial security by making financial planning more accessible, more actionable, and more effective than ever before.
Article Author:
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Savology is on a mission to help households across the United States improve their financial well-being and financial security by making financial planning more accessible, more actionable, and more effective than ever before.