The Top 11 Best Personal Finance Podcasts You Need to Listen

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The world of personal finance can, at times, feel daunting and challenging to conquer, especially if you’ve been ignoring it for quite some time. But regardless of what your current financial situation might look like, there’s always a road that can lead to financial success.

Typically, this starts with educating yourself on various financial topics and starting with the basics. While there are several ways to increase your financial literacy, personal finance podcasts have become an increasingly popular method.

These personal finance podcasts below will help you start or continue on your personal finance journey by teaching you the basics of savings, tricks around investing, ways to protect your money, as well as provide inspiration for overcoming your money fears.

It’s important to quickly note that the below podcasts are not listed in any particular order, and that this is not an exhaustive list. Rather, these are 11 of the best personal finance podcasts guaranteed to provide value.

1) Your Money Briefing – Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal has been a titan of financial journalism for over 100 years and Your Money Briefing is their daily dispatch on everything to do with personal finance. Coming out five days a week, these are a quick hit that keeps you up with the world of finance, covering the daily issues in around ten minutes.

Listen to it here.

iTunes rating: 4.1 | 1K Ratings

2) Money For the Rest of Us

Host J. David Stein was a chief investment strategist before turning his hand to podcasts so the man knows about looking after your money. These podcasts cover everything from personal finance basics such as budgeting and saving, as well as answering listener questions. It’s everything you need to know about finance.

Listen to it here. 

iTunes rating: 4.5 | 1.1K Ratings

3) So Money

Farnoosh Torabi’s podcast with more than 1,150 episodes offers a deep dive into the world of personal finance. Torabi explores the financial stories of successful individuals throughout this podcast, giving you a glimpse into the lives and bank accounts of business leaders.  Informative and inspirational in equal measure, So Money demonstrates that anyone can make good financial decisions.

Listen to it here.

4) Bad With Money

“Bringing her trademark humor to the part, comedian Gaby Dunn focuses on what not to do,” says Bobby Chase, a journalist at State Of Writing and Paper Fellows. “We’ve all made the odd disastrous financial move, and we can avoid them further by heeding Dunn’s witty and timely advice.”

Listen to it here.

iTunes rating: 4.7 | 187 Ratings

5) Side Hustle Pro

Exploring the lives and strategies of successful black female business leaders, this podcast will empower you to strive for success. Innovation has enabled Side Hustle Pro’s guests to turn their side hustles into successful businesses and with the advice of host Nicaila Matthews Okome you too can turn a hobby into a career.

Listen to it here.

iTunes rating: 4.8 | 1.3K Ratings

6) BiggerPockets Money

Financial education is one of the things sorely lacking in our scholastic programs, leaving adults ill-equipped to make the big financial decisions. Hosts Scott Trench and Mindy Jensen are on a mission to rectify this, offering comprehensive advice on managing your personal finances. This podcast is great for anyone starting out on their personal finance journey as it covers the biggest money managing basics.

Listen to it here.

iTunes rating: 4.6 | 2.1K Ratings

7) Stacking Benjamins

“A perfect podcast for those who are just getting into investments, Stacking Benjamins is co-hosted by two expert financial advisors,” says Leonard Cayton, a finance writer at LiaHelp and OXEssays. “Hosts Josh and Joe have made their careers in helping people make strong financial decisions and this podcast runs the gamut of financial literacy.”

Listen to it here.

iTunes rating: 4.5 | 1.3K Ratings

8) This Is Uncomfortable

One of the big challenges in personal finance is overcoming the discomfort we instinctively feel when discussing money. This cultural barrier often prevents us from taking positive financial steps and this podcast lets us explore how and why we can break down these barriers.

Listen to it here.

iTunes rating: 4.7 | 2.3K Ratings

9) Secrets of Wealthy Women – Wall Street Journal

Economic inequality and the gender pay gap are rife across the Western world and WSJ’s podcast exploring how wealthy women got to where they are offering us instructive lessons in personal finance. In the face of such barriers, these women made it big offering a story of success that can inspire us all.

Listen to it here.

iTunes rating: 4.5 • 889 Ratings

10) How To Money

This fun and friendly podcast explores all the topics related to personal finance from budgeting to investing. Your co-hosts Matt and Joel utilize wit and charisma to bring energy to these topics, inspiring us to make strong financial choices that will position us well in the future.

Listen to it here.

iTunes rating: 4.6 • 2.2K Ratings

11) Snacks Daily

Brought to you by Robinhood Snacks, a media brand under the Robinhood umbrella, Snacks Daily is hosted by Jack Kramer and Nick Martell, providing an entertaining breakdown of top business stories in 15-minutes. Pairs perfectly with your commute, workout, or morning oatmeal ritual. 

Listen to it here.

iTunes rating: 4.7 • 7.1K Ratings

Investing in your financial future

While the world of personal finance can be intimidating, these top personal finance podcasts mentioned above can provide you with the hope, inspiration, and motivation you need to start taking control of your financial life today. The best part? If one of the shows mentioned above doesn’t end up making it to your favorites list, you still have ten more. 

Your financial future starts today

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Katherine Rundell

Katherine Rundell

Katherine Rundell is a finance writer at Essay Writing Services and Academized.com. She invested in her first apartment at the age of 22 and has continued investing and divesting to build a strong portfolio ever since. She is also a proofreader at BoomEssays.com writing service.
Article Author:
Katherine Rundell

Katherine Rundell

Katherine Rundell is a finance writer at Essay Writing Services and Academized.com. She invested in her first apartment at the age of 22 and has continued investing and divesting to build a strong portfolio ever since. She is also a proofreader at BoomEssays.com writing service.