Savvy Debt Payoff Review - Savology Provider Review - Final

Approximately 80% of Americans are burdened by financial debt. The Savvy team has recognized this alarming issue and sought to find a better way to help American households relieve their debt-related issues.

Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5

Savvy Debt Payoff is a mobile application that helps users pay off debt. Savvy, by Ascend Finance, was created with the understanding that everyone is busy and paying off debt can be very stressful.

Savvy has developed their own algorithm that saves the user more money than other debt payoff methods. Furthermore, Savvy has built a simplistic, efficient way to pay off debt and manage your finances.  

Overall, Savvy has earned a Savology recommendation and a 4.5-star rating for their simplified approach to helping Americans pay off debt.

Features and Experience: 4.5 / 5

Savvy is currently available as a mobile application for iOS and Android. Despite being relatively new to the market, Savvy incorporates several impressive features to assist users in paying off debt.

Understanding how much debt you are in or how to pay it off can be difficult. Savvy has implemented simple and informative introduction pages to help you get started with Savvy. 

Savvy lets you automatically or manually connect your bank accounts, credit card accounts, or loans and they will do the rest of the work for you. This connecting technology is becoming more commonplace but is nonetheless valuable for analyzing and automating finances.

Another one of Savvy’s great features is the ease of not having to spend a lot of time paying off debt. Paying off debt can be stressful as it is, so Savvy has made paying off debt rewarding and quick with their method by importing transactions and creating a gamified experience. 

When paying off debt with Savvy, there is only one button you need to press and that is “Pay Now”. Savvy has created such an easy way for users to understand and pay off all their debt and provides access to customer support for those who have questions. 

Pricing: 4.6 / 5

Savvy wants users to save money and stay out of debt. To do this, Savvy provides a 30-day free trial for all users and then becomes $5.99/month thereafter. That might be more expensive than other mobile apps but is much less expensive than other debt payoff tools. 

Savvy also does not use any banner ads whatsoever to subsidize the business model. Instead, the flat monthly fee alone covers the cost of the platform for helping you get out of debt. 

Since Savvy has built their own algorithm for debt payoff, they are able to save you more money than other methods, which makes the monthly fee even more worthwhile.

Credibility and Reputation: 4.4 by Savology

Savvy puts user security first and uses 256-bit bank-level security to protect your information. Savvy does not store any user personal information and all data received has read-only access for Savvy.

Savvy currently has a 5/5 star rating on the App Store across only a handful of reviews.

Although Savvy is relatively new, the work that has been done so far has been successful. Savvy has created a personal relationship with its users that allows them to create a more worry-free environment for their users. Additional time and user information will allow Savvy to prove itself in the market.


Although Savvy is an efficient, helpful, and easy tool for people paying off debt, there are a couple of limitations that they are working on. First, Since Savvy is still new they are working on improving and creating additional features that will take the pain out of customers’ debt payoff planning.

Second, although it’s on the Savvy’s roadmap, Savvy has not yet built a budgeting component into the app to have all personal finance elements in one place.

Is Savvy Right for You?

Overall, Savvy has created and provides a new, efficient way to pay off debt. They have built strong customer engagement that allows them to have personal and helpful relationships with their users. Not only are they saving money with their personalized method, but they provide a 30-day free trial at the start of your debt payoff journey. For these multiple reasons, Savology thinks Savvy is an effective and recommended option for paying off and staying out of debt. 

This review is provided by and expresses the opinions of Savology to help users make informed financial decisions. Savology does not receive compensation for its product or provider recommendations but views such recommendations as an important part of helping people progress toward financial security.

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